A downloadable game for Windows

A game created in 48h by @DielMormac for the Ludum Dare 34

Made with Game Maker Studio Pro


Z = Jump

X = Shot

Alt + Enter = Toggle Full Screen

Esc = Close the game


About the Game:

The original idea was to create a NPC merchant where you can buy new weapons and supplies, but unfortunately i didn't had time :(

There's some features I didn't finished in time:

-NPC Merchant (Change your gold for weapons, ammunition, health and extra life);

-NPC Death (Change your souls for new outfits and characters);

-Light, Mist and ScreenShake effects;

-Save score;

-Game Over Screen;

I am currently working in a post compo version with all this features, so stay tuned!

Twitter: @DielMormac

About me:

-My name is Marcos Marcon a.k.a. Diel Mormac;

-I'm a 24 years brazilian, graduated in Game Development Since June 2014

-It's my first Compo (Not Really*) entry and I'm very happy! :D

-I have made de code for "Dagobert" - (JellyHard) at Ludum Dare 32 (JAM)

*I tryed to participate in the last compo at LD33 but due to personal troubles I had to abort the mission in the first day :(

I'm a programmer/game designer and I have been studying pixel art since last Ludum Dare to participate at this one!

I'm very happy with my evolution!

And what you think about it?

Please, tell me rating my game!


Armageddungeon - Post Compo 1.1b (Recommended).zip 3 MB

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