A downloadable game for Windows

Winner of the BaconGameJam 10!
A game created in 48h by @DielMormac


**New demo version with 45 levels**

**XBox 360 Controller Supported**

Now it's being worked by:





<!--img src="https://img.itch.io/aW1hZ2UvNTIwNDQvMjMwNDI4LmdpZg==/250x600/LvZSSz.gif"--> Madcap Castle is a charming and challenging gameboy-esque puzzler-platformer. You are a new mage! You do not know many spells yet, but are looking to make your way up a tower. On some of the castle's levels there are books of spells. If you can make it over to a spell, you will be able to read it and learn the spell. These spells, including the ability to light candles, spawn chickens and use levers, will help you solve puzzles along the way. The only thing these spells will not help you with is your ability to not die by spikes. Many levels do have spikes waiting to destroy you. The jumps to get around them are quite challenging, but can be done! With only 25 levels so far, this game gives you just enough to get you hooked.


Controls (XBox 360 Controller) - Recomended

Directionals = Move

A = Jump

X = Action


Controls (Keyboard)

Arrow Keys or WAD = Move

Z or J = Action

Alt + Enter = Toggle Full Screen

Esc = Close the Game


About the Game

-Entire Art and Game were made with Game Maker Studio Pro

This is a beta version that I created for the BaconGamJam 10, I will keep working in this project and make a full version including more levels, bosses and cut scenes!

The game contains only 4 colours and is inspired by old Game Boy games.

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Thanks for playing!

Please, give me your feedback on comments.


Madcap Castle (demo).exe (32 MB)


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