A downloadable game for Windows

*A game made in 48h for Ludum Dare 35 using Game Maker Studio*

Monstershifter is a puzzle-platformer game where you control a jelly thing that copy animals and other creatures to use their abilities.


-Arrows or WASD -> move

-Z or J -> Action

-R -> Restart

-Esc -> End the game

-Alt + Enter -> toggle full screen

-About the game-

This game was created in 48h by Diel Mormac using the following tools:

-Game Maker Studio Pro (For art and coding)

-www.jukedeck.com (For background music)

-www.bfxr.net (For Sound Effects)


The original ideia had 2 more monsters (Red and Green) to transform, but I didn't had time to implement. I will include them on the post compo version*.

During the first day of Ludum Dare my internet crashed (due to a disruption on street cables) and I had to work without internet for almost 20 hours until the company who provide the service solve the problem. I used this time to program the basic mechanics of the game and drawing the character animations. Never give up your dreams!

-About me-

Hello, my name is Marcos a.k.a. Diel Mormac and I'm a 24 years Brazilian game developer.

It's my 5th Ludum Dare (3rd I finish my game) and 3rd Compo (2nd I finish my game), in the last edition I created "Armageddungeon" who reached the #218 position in overall ranks).

On each edition i'm trying to overcome my goals and learn new techniques and details with your feedback!

I hope you all enjoy my game and feel free to give your feedback, it's very important!

If you want to see a bit more of my work you can visit my portfoil:


And if you want to encourage me, follow my twitter:


Thanks you all!


Monstershift 1.0.exe 3 MB
sources.gmx.zip 5 MB


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I wanted to post this on LD but I wanted you to be notified. I apparently am stuck on level 2 when the yellow guy is introduced. It seems on the gifs that he should have a higher jump but it was not the case for me, there might be something I'm not getting and I apologize if that's the case.

I'm eager to keep playing it :P

Hello friend, thank you for the comment!

To make the double jump, you need to transform in the yellow monster and then you do a normal jump and while in the air you need to press the action button "z" or "j". This way you're to make double jump!

If you need help again feel free for commenting here or sending me an email:


Kind regards,

Diel Mormac


The game does not install from the itch.io client, as it is treated as a zip file and extracted, when in fact it must simply be executed. If you want to fix that you need to zip the exe and upload it. Then it should work


Actually, it just looks like the app was downloading the source files. I removed the Windows tag from them & the app should now successfully download & run the game.


Yup it works now

Thank you Amos & Cerno_b,
It was a mistake, i'm sorry!